Randy Ching, Volunteer of the Year 2016

Randy Ching is one of the Sierra Club’s most devoted, generous, and lovable volunteers. He has been a member of the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i since the 1980’s and has been an amazing environmental leader for the O‘ahu Group as an active Outings Leader and member of our Executive Committee. Along with committing his time, Randy has been an invaluable financial supporter to the Sierra Club and other non-profit organizations, helping numerous groups fulfill their missions to promote good government and protect Hawai‘i’s environment and people.


This year, the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i decided to start a new tradition and host a party to celebrate incredible volunteers like Randy. The “Randy Ching Award” will commemorate the volunteer of the year…and of course Randy Ching is the first recipient!


We celebrated the Randy Ching Award with over 60 friends and fans, where Randy was adorned in lei and received a volunteer of the year plaque gifted by Jen Homcy at Foundwoodworking. State Representative Matt LoPresti organized an legislative commemoration, while fellow outings leader Stan Oka and Hawai‘i Chapter Treasurer Nara Takakawa presented the gift of a wiliwili tree planting and city park bench at Kokohead Botanical Garden.


Guests were able to share a favorite Randy story, with many speaking about his generous nature, enjoyment of food, quirky snoring habits, and love for taking naps on the office couch.




Randy, on behalf of the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i, we love you and thank you for everything. We are grateful to have you a part of our ‘ohana are honored to create the Volunteer of the Year award in your name.


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