Bill 15 (2018)- Support for Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency

Testimony needed to support Bill 15 (2018)- the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency budget, which has a hearing on Wednesday, April 11th at 9 AM!

In 2016, O‘ahu residents voted to establish an “Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency” through a City Charter Amendment. Last year, the O‘ahu Group diligently advocated for the Honolulu City Council to fully fund this new office, and we succeeded! With 7 full-time positions, the Office has already been making progress on climate change planning, community and stakeholder outreach, clean energy projects, and improving the resiliency of our coastal zones and waterways. This Office also supports the work of the City’s Climate Change Commission and spearheaded efforts for the 4 County Mayor’s commitment towards a 100% Renewable Transportation goal by 2045. Woohoo!

but the 2019 budget for this Office needs to be approved by the Honolulu City Council and we need testimony submitted in support once again! 

How you can help:

Please submit online testimony in support for Bill 15 (2018) before April 11th, when it will be heard in the City Council’s Budget Committee. Bill 15 (2018) is an Executive Operating Budget bill that includes a request of $1,148,764 for the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency, which is focusing efforts on implementing the Paris climate agreement, improving energy efficiency in City buildings and fleets, and developing a Resilience Strategy for Honolulu, including a Climate Action Plan.

Because Bill 15 (2018) is a huge budget bill, you must specifically mention that you are in support of the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency. See sample testimony below.

Link to online testimony form HERE. 

Details for the online testimony form:

Meeting Date: 04-11-2018

Council/Committee: Budget

Agenda Item: Bill 15 (2018)

Your Position: Support

Written Testimony: “Aloha Chair Ozawa and members of the Budget Committee, My name is ____ and I am a resident of _____. I am in strong support of appropriating $1,148,764 for the Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency in Bill 15 (2018). I believe that this proposed budget is a necessary and worthwhile investment for this voter-mandated Office. This budget request supports the salaries of 7 full-time employees. Additionally, it appropriates $200,000 for a City energy audit to identify potential cost savings and City emissions reduction, $150,000 for a Climate Action Plan that is required by our pledge to adhere to the Paris climate agreement, $75,000 to support the Coastal Land Data Program, which is critical to identify where sea level rise will directly impact City infrastructure, and $60,000 to provide matching funds for the federal Americorps VISTA grant, which would enable the potential to fill 4 full-time VISTA slots to advance City goals for water and energy efficiency, community outreach, develop partnerships, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I am also supportive of Councilmember Manahan’s proposed amendment to increase the Office’s budget by $150,000 for the Electrification Transportation Program, to support the expansion of electric vehicles for public transportation. Supporting the Office at its full budget request will allow the city to take advantage of private grant funds like the 100 Resilient Cities partnership and maintain Honolulu as a leader in the sustainability movement. This Office is doing critical work to protect O‘ahu’s environment, communities, and infrastructure in the face of climate change. Mahalo for your ongoing support for this Office in Bill 15 (2018).”

Attend the April 11th Meeting! Online testimony is very helpful, but if you are able to give in-person testimony it would be extremely valuable to have supporters for the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency attend the April 11th 9 AM Budget Committee meeting, which will be held on the 2nd floor of Honolulu Hale. Agenda can be viewed HERE. We hope to see you at this important budget hearing on Wednesday, April 11th!