O‘ahu Group guest hosts ThinkTech Hawaii

This summer, the O‘ahu Group is guest hosting 4 ThinkTech Hawai‘i episodes of “Hawai‘i is my Main Land” to share and discuss a few of the environmental issues our organization is championing. Mahalo to Kaui Lucas and the ThinkTech ohana for this great opportunity. Please enjoy the episodes below and check out “Hawaii is my Main Land” with Kaui Lucas- live on ThinkTech every Friday at 3 pm.

The Sierra Club Asks- How Many Hikers Can O‘ahu Handle? July 14, 2017

Jodi Malinoski, the Sierra Club O‘ahu Group Coordinator, discusses the Sierra Club’s Outings program, which leads weekly hikes and service projects on Oahu. Randy Ching, volunteer Outings leader and executive committee member for the Sierra Club O‘ahu Group, describes the impact of tourism and social media on our natural resources and trails. The Sierra Club asks: how many hikers are too many? What can be done to ensure the protection of our O‘ahu trails, cultural sites, and native ecosystems now and into the future?

What is Sustainable Community Design? July 21, 2017

Rob Kinslow, Sierra Club O‘ahu Group Executive Committee volunteer has a long background in sustainable community development, promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable business in Hawai‘i for more than a decade.On tis episode of Hawai‘i is My Main Land, Rob is joined by Christen Noelani Oliveira, a Sustainable Community Systems Designer, currently a program manager at Kokua Kalihi Valley. Together they discuss Christen’s design work in sustainable communities and highlight the enormous potential for communities and social systems to become sustainable in our islands.

Hawai‘i’s Industrial Hemp Revolution, August 4th, 2017

Sai Weiss, Sierra Club O‘ahu Group Treasurer invited Senator Russell Ruderman (Puna, Big Island) to discuss Hawaii’s industrial hemp revolution and the future economic opportunities and challenges that exist. They explore the history, viability and legality around industrial hemp.

Transforming Community Organization 101, August 11, 2017

Live from the East Coast, Jeffrey Kim one of six Hawaii participants (including 3 State Representatives) to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s political candidate training in Washington DC, reports via Skype on Hawaii is My Main Land. Jeff and Kaui Lucas delve into changing the way communities organize, from transactional to transformational. Jeffrey is an executive committee member of the O‘ahu Group and a co-chair of the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i’s energy subcommittee.