O‘ahu Group Service Projects


Friday, July 6 to Sunday, July 8
Haleakalā National Park, Maui (S)

Leader: Clyde Kobashigawa, clydekobashigawa@hawaii.rr.com

Our accommodation for the weekend is at Kapalaoa Cabin situated in the center of Haleakalā Crater. The work will be eradicating California telegraph plant and plantago. This service trip is for hikers in good physical condition and for those who don’t mind “roughing it”. We have a 7-mile hike in via the Sliding Sands Trail the first day and will exit via the Halemau‘u trail. Participants will have to deal with the elevation. The cabin was built in the 1930’s by CCC workers and is rustic. There are no washroom or shower facilities, but there is an outhouse. We do have a 2-burner gas stove top and a wood burning stove to cook and keep warm. The reward is spending the weekend in a beautiful National Park.



Click here to download the application (pdf 32kb)

To apply for a service project, write a $25.00 (per person) deposit check, payable to the “Sierra Club O‘ahu Group” with the name of the hike and date in the “For/memo” line and mail it to the leader listed first in the schedule.  Be sure to include your own address, phone number and e-mail.

You may contact the leader for the estimated price of the trip. Trip fees will cover the cost of ground transportation, meals, lodging and a portion of the leaders’ expenses.

You will probably be responsible to make your own airline reservations and to purchase your own airline ticket.  It is important that you decide early if you are going on a service project, in order to have a better chance to purchase a cheaper air fare.

On the service project, we will work for the preserve for two days and have one day free for hiking or other recreational activities.  The participants will share in the preparation of meals and clean up.  Participants will live and work together in facilities that are probably more cramped or rustic than they are used to.

Therefore, it is important that the participants have a positive and cooperative attitude and willingness for teamwork.  All trip participants are subject to approval by the leaders based upon the participant’s experience, physical condition and attitude.  Deposits will be returned to any participants not accepted.