Aloha! Welcome to the Sierra Club Oʻahu Group

We are a volunteer- led, grassroots advocacy group with approximately 8,000 members and supporters island-wide. We have an ambitious agenda to improve the sustainability of our island home and focus on a wide spectrum of issues: such as mitigating the effects of climate change, transitioning to renewable energy sources, concentrating smart growth and development within the urban core, and advocating for local food production, water security, and opala (waste) reduction. We are an influential voice at the Honolulu City Council and actively lobby to create and defend laws that benefit our environment.



Not only does the Sierra Club advocate for sustainability, but we practice it through on-the-ground conservation. Our Outings and Service Programs organize hundreds of volunteers each year to perform such tasks as native species planting, trail building, beach cleanups, and invasive species removal – both here on O‘ahu and across the state.

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